Class Results- Final Essay

This class was a lot different than I had anticipated. When I say this class on my schedule I had no idea what it really was. To be honest I thought Entrepreneurship was investing and helping companies start financially. It turns out this class was more about how to come up with ideas and the begging processes to get them started in the real world. We also learned strategic tools for starting businesses. The way we learned in this class was like no other class I have been apart of. We did not just watch lecture and test. We actually learned how to do such things by actually doing them and coming up with ideas and using these strategies to implement our ideas. In doing this the one thing that I believe will help me the most is learning what ideas to come up with and how to test if they will work. That may seem simple, but not all ideas are created equal. Your idea needs to be something that people want or need and will benefit people in someway that makes it sell which in return makes you a profit. Before this class I had many ideas that I would like, but after learning this step and coming up with ideas that other people may like it seems like I will have more success. The reason behind this I believe is it opens your mind and in all of the things we did in this class I think having peers to talk to and work with gave me some of my best ideas. I will continue to grow this skill by talking to people about things I am passionate about and seeing where they think growth should happen. I will then take all of that information and come up with the best idea/invention I can. With that being said in the next ten years I have two huge goals. I believe this class and some of the things I learned from it will help me achieve both of those goals. My first goal is to start a Private Security Business. The problem is there is already plenty of those that people can use. So, what will my business provide that others do not? Well, I do not want to give you any of my ideas just yet:) My second goal is to invent something or come up with a better made product for the outdoor/hunting industry. My plan with that is to find what people think us hunters need and collide these ideas to come up with one working solution. Using what I have learned in this class to do both of these there is not just one thing you can pinpoint. I will use a lot of the tools such as working with classmates/partners, gaining intel, documentation of my work and ideas, and the business side of things such as revenue and the market. This class has given me the backbone structure to further my knowledge in Entrepreneurship. Not only that, but it has given me the confidence to do these things. As I close up here I want to thank the teachers of this class for giving me these tools that I will carry with me forever. Thank you.